L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer
With his father’s posting to the U.S. naval station on the island of Guam in 1927, L. Ron Hubbard began a period of travel that would consume the next several years. Included were extended voyages throughout the South Pacific and South China Sea and treks across China to its western hills.

He was later to write of his intense curiosity and this examination of Asian culture, that “my basic interest was the field of religion. Buddhism, Taoism were fascinating to me.” As a circumstance of that interest, he was puzzled by the human suffering he found rife amongst those who claimed to practice these Eastern faiths. He soon concluded that his searches would need to go further, and deeper.
Saint Hill Manor, in West Sussex, England. L. Ron Hubbard’s home from 1959 through 1966. Saint Hill also served as the international training and administrative headquarters for the Church of Scientology.
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